Why MSA?

MainStreet Advocates

Our Mission

We were founded on the guiding principles that your state and local government needs are not just another outsourced aspects of your operations, but an integral component to your success. MainStreet Advocates are dedicated to your state and local government goals and giving them the personal attention they deserve.

Why MSA?

Why Should You Focus on State and Local Governments?

Numerous new laws and regulations are passed every day in America. These same governments procure millions of dollars of goods. What goes largely unnoticed is that the vast majority of this activity occurs on Main Street rather than in Washington.

At MainStreet Advocates, we are skilled and seasoned professionals with years of government experience. We have worked in all branches and at all levels of government, having seen each aspect of the advocacy relationship. We have hired advocates, advocated for clients, been advocated for, and been advocated to. Our goal is to assist our clients in developing more effective state and local government strategies that focus on where the bulk of the decisions are being made … on Main Street.

Our Commitment to You

At MainStreet Advocates, you will never be passed off to someone who does not possess the relevant experience to develop and implement your strategy.

Unlike our competitors:

  • We don’t just track legislation and regulations… We provide in-depth analysis from firm principals
  • We don’t simply refer you to markets or consultants because we have a financial interest or an affiliate office (because we don’t have any)…We provide independent tailored assistance in hiring consultants by thoroughly understanding your needs
  • We don’t develop a one-size-fits-all solution…We create the best-individualized solution for each issue

We are focused on strategies that work, not just relationships. MainStreet Advocates … Beyond Government Relations

Case Studies

Education Options in Los Angeles

MainStreet Advocates Helps Create Education Options in Los Angeles

The Problem:

A national leader in the private charter schools had become a secondary player in the Los Angeles area market due to the aggressive government and public relations efforts of a competitor.

Our Solution:

MainStreet Advocates was asked to assist in developing a strategy for the client’s interaction with key players in the Los Angeles education community as well as assistance in hiring the best contract lobbyist to advance their mission and outreach efforts.

We convened work sessions to focus the client’s particular priorities, determined a list of the most effective consultants without conflicts, and identified their various strengths relative to our client’s needs. We organized hiring sessions, provided assistance in identifying the best-fit consultant, and negotiated a contract and scope of services that fit into our client’s budget.


As a result of this process and our ongoing efforts to provide support and advice, the client is once again seen as the leader in the charter school space in Los Angeles and its surrounding communities. They are actively bringing new students into their schools with the support needed from the local education community.

Educate Legislators in Tennessee

MainStreet Advocates Helps Educate Legislators in Tennessee

The Problem:

A national leader in probate research and recovery found themselves facing a law that would prohibit them from doing business in the State of Tennessee.

Our Solution:

We reached out to our vast network of contacts and consultants in Tennessee to glean the necessary information regarding the author of the law and his motivation for its introduction. Once it was determined that this well-respected member of the legislature had serious concerns over what amounted to be misunderstandings over the client’s business model, we developed a strategy to draft and introduce legislation to reverse the offending law. We identified several legislative consultants and ultimately selected, through a rigorous hiring process, the professional with the best combination of legislative skills and relationships to reverse the bill. We then found a legislative champion to draft, introduce and shepherd the bill through the process.


Our strategy worked. We were able to educate the author of the law and have him understand that the law did not need to be on the books. We then championed and introduced legislation that reversed the law. We coalesced unanimous support for the bill in the legislature through a comprehensive education campaign and got the bill signed into law. Our client has become a thought leader to the legislature on the subject.